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Touch Football

  1. The game to be played according to the rules of the Australian Touch Association unless contra indicated below.
  2. 6 players on the field, with up to 7 interchange players. Interchange can occur at any time.
  3. The dimensions of the field are to be the same as a half size soccer pitch (approximately 70x50m) with appropriate Touch markings.
  4. All Team Members must wear a uniquely numbered shirt and Football boots are permitted.
  5. If the dummy half scores or is caught with the ball, a turnover of possession occurs. Score does not count.
  6. The ball cannot touch the ground when in play. Turnover of possession occurs if the ball does make contact with the ground.
  7. The ball is not to be kicked during the game.
  8. At the “playing the ball”, the ball needs to be stationary between the legs without touching the foot.
  9. At “play the ball”, ALL the defensive team players must be 5 metres from the “play the ball” (in a straight line).
  10. The ball must be passed in a backward direction.
  11. Field are suggested to be 70m x 50m and appropriate “touch” markings need to be in place.
  12. All year levels to use Classic Touch Match Senior sized ball

Mercy Rule:
The “drop off” rule is to apply when a team gets to 5 tries in front. When a team gets to 8 tries up, a second player is “dropped off”. If the losing team were to score a try and get back within the 5 or 8 tries buffer, the player who had been “dropped off” can return to the field of play.
Maximum winning margin: 10 tries.

Tied Grand Final:
In the event of a tied final, extra time is played. The “Drop-Off” rule to apply, so every 2 minutes a player from both teams is taken from the field and not replaced until a “golden-try” is scored. If after 8 minutes a try has not been scored, it will be deemed a shared premiership.