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  1. Games will be played under the rules of the Australian Softball Federation unless contra indicated below.
  2. “Time” must be decided before the match starts.
  3. The game will end at “Time” and scores taken back to even innings. In an incomplete inning, if the team batting second gets in front, the score stands.
  4. In the case of adverse weather, each school must complete two innings for a result to be achieved.
  5. The batting team can score a maximum of 7 runs per inning after which it is side away.
  6. The batting team can declare its innings at any time.
  7. After batting, a catcher can come off the base to get their kit on. They can be replaced by any player not on base and not one of the next four batters.
  8. Players may substitute without limit except that they MUST always (UNLESS running for the replaced catcher) bat or run in the same position in the batting order.
  9. Positional changes on the field may be made at any time.
  10. The Designated Batter rule is not used in EISM matches.
  11. Infield fly rule is played in the boy’s competition. No infield fly rule in GIRL’S matches.
  12. The game to always be played with good sportsmanship and respect for the umpires’ decisions.
  13. A “Safety Base” will be used at first base. This is a double base with a bright portion. The white part sits on the fair/foul line and inside the diamond, the coloured section sits in foul territory. The intention is for the fielder to only use the white base when the throw is coming from fair
    territory and the runners to use the coloured part to run through on a one base hit.
  14. The Pitching Distance in finals will be 40 feet (12.19m) for Year 8 boys, Seniors and Year 9 girls and 35 feet (10.67m) for Year 8 girls and Year 7. During weekly competition, distances for Yrs. 7, 8 and 9 can be negotiated by coaches and umpires.
  15. Pitching zone – between armpits and knees and over home plate when batter assumes a natural batting stance
  16. For all Years and genders the base distance is 60 feet (18.29 metres).
  17. The pitch should be fully marked, including batter’s box for both left and right handers. A dead ball line needs to be marked if you are not on an official diamond.
  18. Coaches are not to direct their pitchers to walk a batter to first base.
  19. The fielding team coach should remain behind the dead ball line. The batting team may have a coach in both coach’s boxes positioned in foul territory.
  20. Coaches under 18 must wear a helmet whilst in a coaching box.
  21. Where possible a 2nd umpire should be placed at first base.
  22. Match balls for Seniors and Year 9 are to be Yellow 12” ball and made of leather. Year 7 and 8 matches are to use an 11” ‘soft’ softball.
  23. Recommended Safety Equipment:
    Batter (compulsory): Helmet with ear protection
    Catcher (compulsory): Chest protector, Gloves, Helmet with full face & throat protection, Leg
  24. Further information on Softball can be gained by calling Softball Victoria or visiting their website at www.victoria.softball.org.au

Mercy Rule:
Teams are required to change the pitcher once they are 15 runs in front. Maximum winning margin: 15 runs.

Tied Grand Final:
In the event of a tied Grand Final at Time, the game continues until a school wins. If a school has time
constraints, these need to be conveyed to the umpire at the completion of normal time. If the scores are
tied at the end of this agreed extra time, then the premiership will be shared.