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  1. Games to be played under the Hockey Victoria Junior Rules unless otherwise stated.
  2. Duration of the game: The game will be of two equal periods, preferably 25min halves, or as determined by the two coaches prior to the start of the game. The venue bookings are for 1hr.
    The 15min grace period applies, but it should not be assumed that games can go beyond 2.30pm in case of subsequent venue bookings.
  3. All matches are to be played on synthetic surfaces.
  4. Uniform: All players must be dressed in uniforms that distinctly show school colours.
  5. Visiting teams are to carry a set of clash bibs for when there is similar sport uniforms.
  6. The home team supplies a regulation ball for the game.
  7. Interchange: Each team is permitted an unrestricted number of interchanges. Players must be exchanged at the half way line – umpires are not required to be notified.
  8. For all free hits, defending players must be 5m from the ball when it is played. When taking a free hit inside the attacking 23m line, both teams need to be 5m from the ball.
  9. Penalty Corner: Only the Goalkeeper & 4 defenders may stand behind the goal line. All other players must stand beyond the half way line until the corner is taken.
  10. Those players defending a penalty corner from behind the goal line must wear an approved mask. All players without a face mask on the defending team must stand at the half way line. The wearing of facemasks during general play is prohibited.
  11. If the first shot at goal from a penalty corner is a hit it must pass the goal line at a height less than 460mm.
  12. A second shot at goal from a penalty corner that is raised will be a goal if it is deemed not dangerous by the Umpire. ie. one person vs goalkeeper or an open goal.
  13. In general field play, hits at goal that hit the backboard are allowed. Hits at goal that hit above the backboard, but are not dangerous according to the discretion of the umpire, will be allowed. Reverse stick hits/sweeps at goal along the ground are permitted.
  14. In general field play, a hit or flick at close range going above kneecap height is deemed dangerous. If a player needs to take evasive action, that is deemed dangerous as well.
  15. At no stage is a tomahawk to be used when hitting the ball.
  16. The use of “kicking backs” is not permitted.
  17. When a “free hit” has been awarded a Self-Pass may be taken. If a Self-Pass has been taken before the defender has gone back 5 metres, the defender must not engage in the play until the ball has moved 5m away.
  18. Free Hits inside the 23m line cannot be hit directly into the D unless the ball has been dribbled/passed the required 5 metres before entering the D.
  19. There is no provision for own goals. An attacking player must hit the ball inside the D.
  20. At Year 7 hockey, the coach may enter the field of play to help coach the players using a formal ‘soft’ verbal tone and refrain from shouting general encouragement. The coaches are restricted to the area between the two 23 metre lines. When individual coaching has been completed, the coach should exit the field of play.
  21. When defending a corner, a defender who crosses the goal line before the push is made will need to go beyond the centre line and cannot be replaced. The penalty corner is taken again.
  22. Goalkeeper’s Equipment: Teams must have a goalkeeper tending the goals. They must be in full protective equipment which includes: kickers, pads, chest guard, helmet with throat protector and gloves. Boys to wear a box and girls a pelvic protector.
  23. All field players must have a Mouth Guard & Shin Guards.
  24. If points Hc.22 and Hc.23 above are not met, a forfeit is to be given.

Mercy Rule:
There is no specific Mercy Rule in this sport. If you are winning comfortably, give fringe players a turn.
Maximum winning margin: 7 goals.

Tied Grand Final:
In the case of a Grand Final being tied, teams are to play 5 minutes each way, golden goal applies. If still tied, shared premiership. Note: in the case of a tied semi-final no extra time is to be played. The team higher on the ladder at the end of the season will progress through to the final

Regulations – Modified Format
  1. Games to be played as play on to advantage per EISM Hockey Match Regulations unless otherwise stated. Default Match start time is 1.30pm. Schools that cannot manage the default start time must communicate with opposition schools, venues and umpires prior to the day of
  2. Modified Hockey is played on HALF size Hockey field (Coaches to remain on sidelines). Players to be aware of loose/out of bounds ball from adjoining game – roll ball off field.
  3. Duration of the game: The game will be of two equal periods, preferably 20min halves, or as determined by the two coaches prior to the start of the game. 5min half time break.
  4. Home team supplies 2 regulation balls for the game to allow for quick match continuation for out of bounds balls
  5. Both competing School teams to be equipped with 4 cones (same colour) for goals and 2 placemarkers (discs / low domes) for 5m shooting zone. Home team to set up.
  6. Shooting zone placemarker to be placed 5 metres directly in front of the goal on the quarter line. Goal cones are to be 3 metres apart, equally distanced across the quarter line markings
  7. For any breach by a defender (within the 5m shooting zone), the attacking Free Hit (Push) is to be taken from the breaching point, in a straight line to the 5m attacking line. Both defending and attacking players must be at least 3m from the Free Hit location.
  8. There are no Short Corners or Penalty Corners.
  9. For any breach by a defender in open play the attacking team will be awarded a penalty at the point where the breach occurred. Defenders must be at least 3m from the point of breach.
  10. If the ball crosses the backline and is touched by a defending player, a Long Corner is awarded. The Free Hit is immediately taken in a straight line from where the ball crossed the back line. Both Defending and Attacking players must be at least 3m from the Free Hit.
  11. Free Hits from the 5m line must be dribbled at least 3m before attempting to score. Both Defenders and Attacking players must be at least 3m from where the Free Hit is taken.
  12. The 5m shooting zone becomes the shooting circle in the modified format.
  13. The game is played by two teams of 7-12 players, with no more than 7 players from each team being on the field at any one time. A Goal Keeper does not take part within modified Hockey. A Minimum of 5 players is required for a game to commence.
  14. Push only – scoops, flicks and tomahawks not permitted. Players will not be permitted to;
    • Raise the stick above the waist height
    • Raise the ball above knee height (subject to Umpire discretion)
    • Use rough or dangerous play
  15. Hm.15. Teams to play with minimum numbers (at least 5). In the event that a team starts with less than maximum team numbers (7), opposition teams with maximum team numbers are encouraged to equalise number of players, but are not required to.
  16. All field players must have a Mouth Guard & Shin Guards.