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Sporting Code of Conduct – Coaches

  • Teach your students and abide by the rules of the game.  Be sure that all players are aware of specific EISM rules as noted in the EISM website.  Abide by the rules.  EISM sport is provided to the students for the participation of the students, not for the glory of coaches.  Do not take away the inherent pleasure of playing sport by your actions.
  • Never ridicule your players or use derogatory/inappropriate language.  Do not abuse or ridicule your players if they make a mistake or do not successfully carry out an instruction.  
  • Never direct any adverse comments to players of the other team.  
  • Abide by the EISM Child Safety Code of Conduct.  Available on the EISM website in ‘About Us’.
  • Have read and abide by the EISM Child Safety Policy.  Ensure that the safety of the students is foremost in your thoughts.  Any injured player is to be dealt with in an appropriate manner immediately.  Nothing should compromise this position.  Abide by the Child Protection Mandatory Reporting Obligation.
  • Develop team respect for the ability of opponents.  Respect also for the judgement of Officials and opposing Coaches. Players will look to your example of what is acceptable behaviour.
  • Give all players equal opportunity to participate.  When in a winning position, give players of lesser ability a chance to increase their participation.  Massive wins over lower teams does not increase your percentage or chances of making finals.
  • Keep up to date with coaching developments and innovations.
  • No comments on race, gender, sexuality or religion are to be made.  
  • Coaches to supervise the conduct of spectators.  Coaches to ensure that spectators at EISM matches abide by the EISM Code of Ethics and Behaviour and also the school rules and regulations.  Ensure that spectators (1) do not interfere with the orderly conduct of an event, or the comfort and freedom of others to watch and enjoy the sport (2) are encouraged to applaud the good play of both sides (3) leave the area free of litter at the conclusion of the match.