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EISM swimming records

Age GroupEventTimeCompetitorSchoolYear
U13 Boys4X50M Freestyle Relay2.01.72 Huntingtower2013
U13 Boys50M Backstroke31.05Lewis GeeEmmaus2022
U13 Boys50M Breaststroke35.91Une GeislerOxley2019
U13 Boys50M Freestyle27.77Ben AdamsLuther2013
U13 BoysMedley Relay2.15:03 Huntingtower2013
U13 Girls4X50M Freestyle Relay2.02.77 Luther2017
U13 Girls50M Backstroke32.17Jessica AdamsPlenty Valley2012
U13 Girls50M Breaststroke36.18Emma RaoEltham2018
U13 Girls50M Freestyle28.12Jessica AdamsPlenty Valley2012
U13 GirlsMedley Relay2.19.05 Luther2017
U14 Boys4X50M Freestyle Relay1.53:93 Huntingtower2014
U14 Boys50M Backstroke29.71Lewis GeeEmmaus2023
U14 Boys50M Breaststroke34.00Peter DimitriadisHuntingtower2024
U14 Boys50M Butterfly27.62George HuangHuntingtower2022
U14 Boys50M Freestyle26.28George HuangHuntingtower2022
U14 BoysMedley Relay2.10:18 Jamie Wu, Peter Dimitriadis,
Christopher Li, Louka Zagoudis
U14 Girls4X50M Freestyle Relay2.01.67 Luther2018
U14 Girls50M Backstroke31.69Jessica AdamsPlenty Valley2013
U14 Girls50M Breaststroke35.46Emma RaoEltham2019
U14 Girls50M Butterfly29.83Jessica AdamsPlenty Valley2012
U14 Girls50M Freestyle27.71Chantelle UnderwoodLuther2018
U14 GirlsMedley Relay2.16.15 Luther2018
U15 Boys100M Freestyle54.9George HuangHuntingtower2023
U15 Boys4X50M Freestyle Relay1:51:05 Huntingtower2023
U15 Boys50M Backstroke29.13Une GeislerOxley2021
U15 Boys50M Breaststroke32.21Ben HuangKilvington2024
U15 Boys50M Freestyle25.39George HuangHuntingtower2023
U15 BoysMedley Relay1:59:08 Huntingtower2023
U15 Girls100M Freestyle59.21Chantelle UnderwoodLuther2019
U15 Girls4X50M Freestyle Relay1.57:11 Tintern2015
U15 Girls50M Backstroke31.87Annie SteeleKilvington2023
U15 Girls50M Breaststroke34.8Annie SteeleKilvington2023
U15 Girls50M Freestyle27.25Chantelle UnderwoodLuther2019
U15 GirlsMedley Relay2.12:83 Tintern2015
U16 Boys4X50M Freestyle Relay1.49:56 Mt Lilydale2003
U16 Boys50M Backstroke28.11Une GeislerOxley2022
U16 Boys50M Breaststroke31.26Ryan CothillPlenty Valley2021
U16 Boys50M Butterfly27.04Jack Van LoonEltham2020
U16 Boys50M Freestyle25.02Jack Van LoonEltham2020
U16 BoysMedley Relay2.03:82 Luther2019
U16 Girls4X50M Freestyle Relay2.01:27 Luther2020
U16 Girls50M Backstroke32.16Katya RichardsonKilvington2018
U16 Girls50M Breaststroke34.63Ruby KahansEltham2018
U16 Girls50M Butterfly29.07Lucy GeorgeKilvington2016
U16 Girls50M Freestyle27.32Elly-Rose MartinEmmaus2014
U16 GirlsMedley Relay2.14:81 Luther2020
Open Girls50M Freestyle MultiClass14ptsHolly Richards [S9-1:46.38]Huntingtower2021
Open Boys50M Fresstyle MultiClass107ptsLuca Miraglia [S15-46.19]Eltham2021
Senior Boys100M Freestyle52.63Liam MolloyKilvington2023
Senior Boys4X50M Freestyle Relay1.44:60 Huntingtower2017
Senior Boys50M Backstroke27.89Samuel WillgooseAquinas2018
Senior Boys50M Breaststroke30.79Une GeislerOxley2023
Senior Boys50M Butterfly25.7Jack Van LoonEltham2021
Senior Boys50M Freestyle24.51Jack Van LoonEltham2021
Senior BoysMedley Relay1.58:28 Huntingtower2017
Senior Girls100M Freestyle58.65Chantelle UnderwoodLuther2021
Senior Girls4X50M Freestyle Relay1.57.35 Luther2021
Senior Girls50M Backstroke31.63Katya RichardsonKilvington2019
Senior Girls50M Breaststroke33.94Stephanie O’DonnellEltham2023
Senior Girls50M Butterfly28.7Elly-Rose MartinEmmaus2014
Senior Girls50M Freestyle27.09Celeste AstorinoHuntingtower2012
Senior GirlsMedley Relay2.12:73 Tintern2017
Combined Age Groups Girls5x50M Freestyle2.39:16 Tintern2005
Combined Age Groups Boys5x50M Freestyle2.26:31 Tintern2005
VSAC Relay – U13 Boys200m Medley2.05:70 EISM2022
VSAC Relay – U13 Girls200m Medley2.21:86 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – U15 Boys200m Medley1.54:77 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – U15 Girls200m Medley2.10:98 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – 16+ Boys200m Medley1.56:42 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – 16+ Girls200m Medley2.08:66 EISM2019
VSAC Relay – U13 Boys200m Freestyle1.52:77 EISM2022
VSAC Relay – U13 Girls200m Freestyle2.02:73 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – U15 Boys200m Freestyle1.45:18 EISM2022
VSAC Relay – U15 Girls200m Freestyle1.56:63 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – Open Boys200m Freestyle1.42:68 EISM2022
VSAC Relay – Open Girls200m Freestyle1.52:83 EISM2022
VSAC Relay – Open Boys200m Backstroke1.57:47 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – Open Girls200m Backstroke2.13:65 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – Open Boys200m Breaststroke2.12:40 EISM2021
VSAC Relay – Open Girls200m Breaststroke2.25:94 EISM2021